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Thoughts on realtime engines (UE4) as a tool for filmmaking? (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
renderen 2 weeks ago

Hi Mr.Deakins,

First, thank you for creating this platform for us to be able to learn and interact with you. This forum is a goldmine especially for someone who have been a film lover but is just starting to shoot my own stuff. Hopefully I would be able to contribute in the future.

I'm interested to know your thoughts on the huge strides that real time technology is making. I know you've expressed quite often about shooting everything in camera and doing as little post as possible. But with this type of technology, it's somehow blending analog and digital more seamlessly and maybe it's something that might intrigue you. Of course it's still just another tool but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Link to a short video:»


Roger Deakins
2 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 2 weeks ago

Its a tool that will be useful in its place but I like reality. There is something intangible about working with actors in a real space.

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