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Rogers recipe (1 reply)

4 weeks ago
kmdeepthi 4 weeks ago

Hi Roger,

This is Maria, a Colorist from India.

I have noticed in a lot of your movies you prefer to you natural lighting and even the skin tones look very natural and people look very statuesque (so beautiful, the contrast). I can't really put a finger on it. Do you have any specific secret tip that you and your colorist workout? I know it varies with content and the movie itself but is there something like softening the image and sharpening sort of magic that's going on? Or is it just the choice of lens and lighting?

Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

I think it is just a matter of lighting and framing. I don't use any softening or sharpening in the DI, unless it is for an eye or something very specific and only then very occasionally.

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