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Resolution & HDR. (2 replies)

2 years ago
TetraVaal 2 years ago

First post here; hoping that Mr. Roger Deakins can answer this himself.

My question, or questions, are:

1.) Judging from some of your comments in the past, you seem not to so much be against HDR as a format as a whole, but still have reservations with how it can affect your work, so with that being said, as someone who currently owns a 4K/HDR-compatible TV panel, what would be your preferred method of someone like myself, experiencing your work--particularly 'Blade Runner 2049', when it gets released on UHD--on a 65-inch 4K panel?

While I love what HDR can do, I consider myself a purist--and want to view your work the way you intend it to be seen. Which brings me to my second question:

2.) Even if it turns out you prefer something like 'Blade Runner 2049' to be viewed with HDR off, do you at least sign off on the 4K resolution side of things? Because I absolutely LOVED the depth and detail on the 4K blu-ray for 'Sicario.'

I just want to make sure I can do my best to experience the hard work people like yourself put into your craft, in the truest way possible.

Sorry if this was longwinded at all. Thank you in advanced!

Roger Deakins
2 years ago
Roger Deakins 2 years ago

We did a special 'grade' for the HDR version of 'BR 2049' and it looked quite close to the regular version of the film. The problem arises when a regular grade is transferred directly into an HDR format without any adjustment for the format. 

6 months ago
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