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Raw: grading & VFX (1 reply)

4 weeks ago
mazuk97 4 weeks ago

When shooting raw, how is the workflow with VFX & grading? Is the vfx done on top of the graded footage, or the other way around, or is it done another way?

4 weeks ago
Wouter 4 weeks ago

1. display transform your raw footage (apply look or don't apply look but export it as a LUT)
2. linearise footage and export in float container
3. send to compositor
4. compositor marries CG elements to your footage and exports back in linear without or with minimal application of any color transforms to the original plate. The idea is to get the CG elements to match the live action scene values, not the other way around.
5. send to colourist
6. apply colour correction/grade
7. set output display space and render

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