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Over stylize color (2 replies)

2 weeks ago
merakjet 2 weeks ago

Howdy mr roger, so i make this midday color space into darker mood like almost night or something is this kind of decision a good choices ? Since i know you never like something as camera tracking cg like video games , Thank you sir»

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

That looks good but I am not really sure what you are after. I mean, the look of an image is the choice of the person creating that image so who am I to judge?

7 days ago
merakjet 7 days ago

Yes sir, im after to become better, i love making the footages dancing to the music but i dont know wether im good or not, your word "Yes its beautiful but does it have meaning?" Its for the nonsense aesthetican i believe, some artist like keigo japan comic illustrator want to make people laugh, i think your artistic art meaning mission is free education while making beauty images since you come from documentaries, this website with no advertisement can ask any question with a replies from the master better than any film proffesor in universities, but i dont understeand every other artist for example david la chapelle known for brutal realist and he photographed tupac shakur body in shower, the thing is.. tupac been fighting slander towards him that he got rappped in jail and that photographer also known publicly written as a geiii dude, seems like tupac got photographed against his will since he dont need more fame exposure from other artist at all.

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