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Excellent response! I have used print film emulation-- whether it be in LUT form, or other. I find them to work well in some situations, but not others. I'm looking for a relatively neutral LUT as a starting point. (As you mentioned) Although, I do like the colors present in in film emulations, as they blend some of the hues and push everything warmer. Especially greens. (The greens on the LogC to 709 LUT are almost super-saturated...) But, I sometimes find them to be heavy-handed. It is an interesting idea to create a more neutral version of an emulation. You could then condense that down into LUT form for use on monitors, etc. I will try that. On the flip side, I know Roger's LUT doesn't try to emulate a film stock. It's very neutral. As you mentioned, he doesn't like to create the look in the grade. I'm not even sure if his LUT manipulates any hues. I guess it all depends on the cinematographer.

It seems the best way to go about doing this is just to experiment... and experiment some more. There's no getting around that.

Thank you very much for your response, it has been most helpful!!

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