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That's exactly what I've been doing-- shooting a variety of images and testing it under various lighting conditions/situations. Inexperience and lack of a high-end professionally calibrated monitor definitely makes this difficult.

To answer your question, I am not skipping that middle step. When I said "Excellent in one image, and ridiculous in the next", perhaps I used too strong of a term. It is mainly a contrast problem. Very small things.

The main thing is that Resolve just doesn't have the level of control I am wanting. I find that using the curves produces somewhat muddy, almost milky blacks. Again, working in broad strokes. Compared to Roger's final images, or even the standard Alexa LUT, applied to the same image, which has crisp blacks. (This is not a problem with the "soft-clip" settings either)
That is why I'm interested in the math approach...
I'm relatively happy with where I'm at with it, but the little details persist to bug me.

Anyway, thank you very much for your response! The journey shall continue!

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