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I was consulted about an IMAX release on all three productions. Of the three I was less keen on doing an IMAX version of 'BR 2049' but it was a help in getting the film made and I didn't feel that it was much of a compromise for me to frame for both formats. I don't shoot in anamorphic so using the 'extra' frame area meant that the captured image quality of the IMAX version was the same as the widescreen version. I think the IMAX version of '1917' is quite good as the format only seems to enhance the claustrophobia of the trenches.

Yes, probably in my ideal world the films would only be seen in widescreen but that is not how the real world works. My main problem with IMAX is not the square format but use of the silver screen. No matter how good the image quality of the camera original is the projected image is soft and colorless around the edges as well as being far from uniform in density across the frame.

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