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grading & Lut's Workflow issues (No replies)

1 year ago
sree 1 year ago

Hello roger

We shot this movie in Alexa MINI and Alexa SXT cameras. For most of the portions we shot on Alexa mini. We are in a post production stage. In Alexa mini MXF while applying Arri Rec709 LUTs, Day shots are looks verygood and for the night sequences with fire ambient Lowlight footage looks soft & Sharpless but contrast, and density is good. if we grade without applying a Arri Rec709 LUT for the night Lowlight Sequence grain factor of the footage becomes high but sharpness and  details looks fine while comparing to ARRI Rec709 LUTs.

In SXT footage we didn’t find any problems like Alexa MINI MXF footage. Is there any pipeline to get exact and detailed output from MXF files without loosing any details from the footage 

i also attached image comparison file...

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