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1 year ago
r.k.Logeshwaran 1 year ago

Hi sir,

        Do you use the Color Correction, GrayScale, Focus, Resolution, High Dynamic Range Charts manufatured by DSC labs for your movies?

1 year ago
dmullenasc 1 year ago

If shooting digitally, I use charts in prep if I have to build a LUT for dailies and set monitors -- I like to shoot charts and then shoot a face, build my LUT according to the charts at the post house and then apply it to the face to see how it looks, then tweak and check how it looks on the chart I recorded, etc.

Then I'll have the post house create the LUT to be applied to dailies and for my monitors.  Or have a DIT do that work.  But once I have a viewing LUT, I don't shoot charts on set during filming.

If shooting on film, I like to shoot a basic grey scale at the head of the first roll for a scene for dailies purposes just to give the colorist some sort of standard reference for what is "neutral".

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