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Colour Grading in Blu-Rays (1 reply)

2 months ago
Ismaeel 2 months ago

Hi Mr Deakins,

I was wondering if when you colour grade a blu-ray do you take into account the average persons TV is un-calibrated and will likely show a cooler version of the image or not.

2 months ago
dmullenasc 2 months ago

A modern theatrical feature is typically color-corrected for the gamma of digital projection in theaters, what is sometimes called P3 space -- then after the color-correction is done, a "trim pass" will be done for the gamma of home TV monitors, which is Rec.709 gamma. And a standard "white point" which be used for color temperature.

So the colorist will now watch the image on a screen device using Rec.709 gamma and a standard white point to judge how it will look in a home.  However it is impossible to know how it will look in various home viewing conditions with TV sets using a wide variety of image settings; there is no way to color-correct with all of these possible variations in mind, you can only deliver to a known and accepted standard, whether or not people choose to follow it.

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