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Working with natural light (No replies)

Chris Richards
2 months ago
Chris Richards 2 months ago


Firstly thanks to Team Deakins for such amazing work on so many great films, and for your fascinating podcast. I loved what you guys said in the recent podcast on lighting encouraging people to think about how light makes you feel, rather than starting from a technical point of view.  What I would like to know is how do you square that with situations when God doesn’t feel the same way as you?  How do you go about marrying the demands of the schedule with flat featureless skies (I know this was what you needed for 1917, but surely this is the exception), or rain or weather that goes completely against the mood you want for the scene?  We’ve all seen old films or tv series where some massive light is being fired into the actors faces on a dull day.  I rewatched No Country For Old Men a few nights ago and the weather does all sorts in the opening scenes.  Was this just what you wanted or...?  Please tell us more!

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