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Visual Storytelling - Guidance & Practical tips (No replies)

Raphael Wild
2 weeks ago
Raphael Wild 2 weeks ago
Dear James and Roger Deakins

Thank you for your fantastic series and the recent Zoom on 1917. I am grateful that you share your knowledge.
I would be interested in an episode revolving around guidance and practical tips for visual storytelling:
  • How do you translate a script into a visual?
  • What is the role of storyboards & reference pictures?
  • Do you have a framework/playbook concerning visual storytelling?
  • Is there a visual storytelling 101 that you constantly refer to? E.g. similar to the recipes in the book 'Framed Ink»' from Mateu-Mestre
  • What reading/practice would you recommend concerning visual storytelling?
  • What do you see other cinematographer lacking in this area?
  • How do you capture a certain atmosphere/emotion?
  • Do you change a script (in consultation with the director) so that the story can be told more visually?
  • What form of visual storytelling inspires you or do you enjoy outside of cinema?
I ask that because my girlfriend keeps saying that although my pictures look pretty, they do not tell a story. Thank you!
Best, Raphael

Raphael Wild (raphaelwild.com), Visual storytelling: short films, mini documentaries and aerial cinematography

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