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Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
Steffen 2 weeks ago

Hello Mr. And Mrs. Deakins,


Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos created the youtube channel "every frame a painting" where they made educational essays on film.

Through their work me and a lot of other people my age started to really become  interested in filmmaking. Their videos are made in a really fun way that is easy to understand and to follow.

I think a conversation between the 4 of you could be really insightful and make for a great episode. It could be about one specific topic like editing or composition or a more general discussion, maybe even in the format of "Turning the Tables"

In case you are interested  this is one of their videos:                               Joel & Ethan Coen - Shot | Reverse Shot



Thank you very much for creating this podcast.

2 weeks ago
BM459 2 weeks ago

I would definitely be interested in this! These videos were a massive inspiration to me back in the day. 

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