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Marcell Rév (No replies)

6 days ago
Floppnow 6 days ago

Dear Team Deakins,

I recently watched Malcom&Marie, a new black-and-white movie on Netflix shot by Marcell Rév and it got me really inspired. His work moving and composing those shots for the drama supporting both characters and their argument was astonishing. He also shot the HBO series euphoria which made quite a buzz for deep and emotional young characters, emotional stytelling and especially Révs work with the Alexa65 and crazy color palettes. Both were directed by Sam Levinson, one of the reasons they could make such great movies is that they worked together on several projects.

I'd really love to hear you both chat with him about his story and path, his bold choices for color, movement and equipment. How did he and Sam got together and what changed over the course of their journey? And I'd also love to hear what you two think about Malcom&Marie and/or euphoria cinematography wise but also from a story telling aspect.

Thanks for the unreal amount of great podcasts so far, love to listen to you two and your guests. I increadibly value your investment. Thanks a lot!

Sincerely, floppnow

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