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Kundun (1 reply)

2 months ago
b.moore.creative 2 months ago

There’s a Kundun segment in a fantastic book about Scorsese, In such simple terms, he praises Mr. Deakins as a master - a title Scorsese isn’t known to throw around.  

However unlikely, it would obviously be several listeners dream to get a kundun podcast with Scorsese as a guest.  

I, for one, would love to hear Mr. Deakins talk at length about his experience on Kundun, maybe with another cinematographer interviewing.

Thanks for the podcast.  


1 month ago
Santi 1 month ago

A great idea. 

Scorsese with the Team Deakins discussing and talking about one on his most underrated movies would be a great idea. Such a great film filled with so meany details. And one of the Scorsese masterpieces for sure.

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