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From the Silver Screen to the Smart TV (No replies)

2 months ago
ronneeswenton 2 months ago

I'm catching up on the podcast and as a young d.p. fresh off of my second feature, it's amazing how relatable your discussions are despite the discrepancy in budgets. It's been very enjoyable to listen to it all and I appreciate the quantity and quality your team is pumping out.

I'm still only halfway through, so excuse me if this has already been an explored topic, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the likely shift from theatrical cinema projections to at-home viewings of films and what steps can or are being taken to ensure the artists' image is presented as intended for the viewer.

Reed Morano might be a good guest for such a discussion, given her activism against the highly destructive "smooth motion" setting on consumer televisions.

I shot my first feature when I was still in film school and it was purchased by a major TV network in the US. We arranged a live screening of the premiere at one of the producers' homes, and to my absolute horror their television was locked into "smooth motion". It was a pretty upsetting moment and I'd be curious to hear if you've had similar experiences as well as if you have fears of the current shift towards cinema on the small screen.

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