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Young Roger Deakins (23 replies and 4 comments)

2 years ago
supersor 2 years ago

Dear Mr. Deakins,

You embark a ship that takes you to an alternate universe. In this universe you meet young Roger Deakins (living in 2017) about to get into visual storytelling. Unfortunately your ship is running low on fuel and you must return to your own universe soon. The young Mr. Deakins has something on his mind.

Young Mr. Deakins

I'm very passionate about being able to tell dramatic stories in moving pictures. I really, really want to improve my lighting skills. I studied a lot of cinematographers and methods, but at some point it becomes like learning how to ski on the blackboard. Unless you get on the slopes often there's only so much you can learn without hands on experience.

To this end I have allocated about $30,000 scrimped up as a budget which I would like to spend on lights (non-tungsten because that would blow up my fuses in 3 seconds). These lights would work like my home "chemistry set" allowing me to experiment and grow.

What should I get as a starter set for dramatic storytelling? I'd like to do my own small productions and experiment (with rentals as a supplement).


Kid, my ship is waiting... and how exactly did you get the $30,000? Now to answer your question...

I'm stuck at the part where you give the young man the answer to this question. Perhaps you can help.

Thank you for all the inspiration you provide and all the info on this site. I wish you a wonderful day.

Best regards,

Johnny S. Harris

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