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Thank you for the reply.

Did that for the past 2 years. From really low end lighting to visiting my Home Depot. A lot was learned, but there's definitely a gap between them and the higher end lights.

Then I rented some higher end lights (hmi, neons and led) and had many problems. The issues were usually related to the fact that with the lower end lights I didn't have (or couldn't) use so much bounce or filtering etc... Example: my low end light filtered turned into candle pretty much.

I also faced gaffing issues of which I learned nothing from my low tech setup. It's quite "fun" to get an M40 then realize you have to work it from your main building panel to which you have no key, and even when you get the key you have to talk to the electric company to change your panel as it's not powerful enough. 🙂 (LIFE)

Also, color range and temp matching is something I could not do in my low end equipment (at least not properly).

Last but not least, I would need them for productions, on an almost weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Mathematically speaking, after working the numbers, I realized that renting them would actually cost pretty much the same as owning them (at least the main lights that are indispensable), add to that the headaches and impracticability of going to rent and them dropping them off every time I need them.

Upon reflecting on my original question I think it's my fault for not explaining things correctly. Sorry about that. A better way to put it would be:

I would like to PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL lighting.
Thank you 🙂

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