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Thank you, Roger, for the definitive answer from the rockface of movie making!  It is as I suspected.  I was however always uncertain as so many people are using LEDs and heap praise on them.  

I have another issue with LEDs and that is colour - green-tinted shadows, yellow teeth and orange skin highlights seem to be common, esp. when combined with budget cameras.  And because of our location and therefore the need to buy absolutely everything we use rather than to rent, having a range of Alexas is just not within the budget.  We have to look at Blackmagic and Panasonic and just hope that one day we will have the money for something better - the same applies to lenses BTW, Xeen and not Zeis - just don't open them up below 2!  Were I to buy top-end anything, she-who-must-be-obeyed would just refuse to take the padlocks off her card-reader!

6K/4K - I was referring to the sensor only and on the budget cameras, it really does seem to make a visible difference, esp. in colour depth. 

As for delivery - I absolutely agree with you and I am totally baffled by the Japanese idea of introducing 8K.  The largest screens in most people's homes are 60" and at that size, many people can't see much difference between HD and 4K.  The driving force behind any film (IMO) must be the image, the story and the action - not the tech. specs!  Up until 2016 (ish) IMAX were still using 2K projectors, albeit with dual projectors for brightness - and I don't remember anyone complaining about the image quality!  

I have not yet seen any commercial projectors above 4K.

(We have been having the same pointless debate in audio with audiophiles convinced that they can hear the difference between 44.1kHz (CDs) or 48kHz (video) and 96kHz sample rates, giving frequencies up to 22, 24 and 48kHz, conveniently forgetting that all microphones only go to about c.a. 22kHz and nearly all hi-fis and PA systems are capped at 20kHz to prevent them from picking up the BBC World Service from the CD player!  There are technical reasons a very few processes are best done at 96kHz - or better still in analogue - but that's about it!)

My goal for the foreseeable future is to be able to produce films whose technical image quality is good enough.  

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