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The script was written ages ago. All done and dusted! Mike - we have to get together some time - only you are at the wrong end of the UK! Do you have my email address?

There're loads of young and retired talent up here - Our special FX guy is a retired LA FX man who also spent a long time working at Pinewood. There are many others, such as old actors, many still clutching their Equity cards! At the other end, I have been hit by loads of youngsters who are trying to get a career going in film.

I'm trying to create something that so far ahs never existed - a Scottish film scene. So far, all we ever got was a parachuted-in film scene and television. I am seriously not interested in TV. I did that and got the T-shirt and my need for the daily grind and mediocrity of television is (counting from left-to-right) precisely zero!

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