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I do like the script about boys inheriting a recording studio. Funny enough, I thought exactly of the same thing. That script has a lot of mileage in it and is worth writing a draught just to lay down the story and then bring in the characters later,
I love that, that is certainly worth pursuing, it’s a great story imo.
I still supply spares (heads, motors etc) to Abbey Road to keep their old Studers working but have donated nearly all of my machines to the Film and TV museum Bradford. I also gave a lot of stuff to a friend of mine who now owns probably the largest collection of tape recorders in Europe, although now he ships a large amount to Japan. Some time back I set up a comedy school with Norman Wisdom, venue set up with council money, I then changed it to Film and Comedy school to include Drama as well, all under one roof but Norman stated to lose his marbles and decided to cancel the project, a lot of work went into this so I was deeply sad when we had to cancel it. I start another one with Sean Connery’s son but again that had to be cancelled even though we converted a church into a theatre with Strand lighting and all the sound gear. It seams that setting up an idea is fairly simple and a lot of people will tag along but when it comes to actually doing it, people get cold feet and back out, I think they like talking about it or bragging it to their friends then they get scared of that four letter word “work” they run a mile. Your idea sounds really great, so make it happen, push aside the losers and stay with the winners. Phil Collins had a great recording studio near me with all the latest toys but nobody came, ofcourse the usual mob came and drank the booze and had a great time but paying the bill shook the life out of them, ‘How much’?
When is the next train out of here! Serious people go to the prominent studios and pay! You are in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland but ofcourse your “Bread and butter” money is in Glasgow and Edinburgh then aim at the provinces further South, but really, Manchester is your target for TV and Film work as they are desperate for location filming with a backlot. Will the council give you planning permission that’s the problem. It’s be nice to your local councillors time.

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