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We have two buildings that we intend using for small interiors - up to 70 sq m (700 sq ft) in the one and about 50 in the other (sizes of set-interiors). Both spaces are about 4m high.

Apart from that, we have a total of 20 acres of grounds that provide various outdoor environments and set-building opportunities (pond, woodlands, fields and stuff like that) and in our first project, we shall be building a lighting scaffold to create moonlight shining through tall pines for a key scene.

it was that last scene that prompted this question, as we are going to have to run a 4kW line to the tower to create the moonlight. In the film after that, we shall have the same situation, but above a wet bog in which two people are struggling to get away from their pursuer in the moonlight, only to be shot dead one by one and fall into the water lifeless.

We are in a part of the World in which rental is not a viable option so we have to buy everything from cameras to lenses, jibs, dollies, lights, explosions, smoke, fog, aardvarks, the lot. This week I'm putting together the shopping list for set-building materials (50 sheets of plasterboard and oodles of timber) and in the coming weeks, lighting.

The arguments for lower power consumption do register as it is about 700m to the farthest corners of our land - but I was wondering if there are any other good (artistic?) reasons for using LEDs.

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