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We do it all the time in location with 1.8s and it's no big deal. It actually can be considered safer because of the lower amps.

That being said, 4ks would be stretching it and no one does it. 4ks HMIs run at around 18 amps but it can go higher because of a variety of reasons. It could theoretically work.. but you'd need two 20 amps circuit.. and the whole thing would run hot.

You might as well get a oven or dryer tie-in with proper gaged wires. It's cheap to rent and simple to use. You plug the thing in the oven or dryer outlet, use the Y220 junction provided to get 220~240 volts with the proper connector for the ballast (bates in the US?).

If you are not sure, try to hire a good gaffer, he might even teach you how to lignt the scene!

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