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Wow! Thank you, Roger!

I think I know what you mean about it being 'synthetic'. Some of the images I loved, but some of them, mostly exterior, were lacking a little something 'natural'. I shot it with a Panasonic Varicam LT. I didn't have a LUT. I am working now to try and develop one. I actually purchased the camera so that I always have a camera to work with. I have never developed a LUT before, so I am wondering if that will help me in the future. The settings that I shot this film on, in retrospect, seem a little on the red side. I would like to develop a LUT that is 'natural'. I never created a LUT before, so, I am looking to get some camera tech guys to help with that.

By 'synthetic', is this what you were referring too?

In this scene, I felt that the woman in the SUV, who puts on her glasses, was really 'synthetic' as she leaned out of the car. She looks better to me when she sits back into the interior and rolls up the window.»

This next scene, I thought was not 'synthetic'. I felt better about it.»

I'm hoping a well conceived and developed LUT will help me find the consistent, 'natural look' I am after.

Thank you!

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