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Thanks for the nice comments. I put that scene up in the lighting forum because I was playing with the colors in the room. There were so many different colors, I was trying for them too all make sense and to create a strange lair of the guy who kidnaps and rapes the young girl. The rest of the film doesn't contain any such colored lighting. For me, this location was the hardest. I found it difficult to design the lights without them getting muddy. I also have a question to Roger if he sees this and that is when one is working on a scene with color gels and such, what extra things are important when introducing the lights without gels? I found that the lights without gels didn't act normal, in the sense that they usually act. I guess that was because they were fighting with all of the colored light that was flying around. So, for me, I had to use them to light the places I wanted lit, but in so doing, not ruin the effect of the gels.

Mike, here is a link to the trailer. It shows the feel of the film as a whole if you are interested in taking a look. I wouldn't think of posting a whole feature film here. This is Roger's house.»

The film is doing very well at limited theaters. It will be out in DVD later this year. The audiences are crying and they get quite wrapped up in it. It's doing well and I am at work on another.

It's funny. I was so excited to share all of this here. When I put it up, I felt like Roberto Benigni when he danced all over the seats at the Academy Awards when he won for Life is Beautiful. Not that I was Oscar worthy, but I had the same goofy excitement and I wanted to share it here. Once I put it up, though, I looked for a way to take it down because I felt weird about having done so. Now, I'm okay. This is the place that inspires me and I learn something new every time I come here.

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