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You are probably looking for an endorsement from Roger.

May I chip in here with my thoughts.

It is very difficult to critique someone’s else’s work when there’s only one scene in it.  I think it is best to submit the whole film rather than just one scene, how can we form an opinion on one ‘sex’ scene, surely there are other elements to this film for us to scrutinise. Perhaps a ‘sex’ scene is the high point of this film and therefore the rest of it is rather dull and not worth watching. The dulls scenes can be exciting if handled right using a good script and sensitive Direction, you will be surprised how an audience can be drawn in by  well thought out lighting and delightful camera work. Grab one of your most boring scenes and rework it, you will surprised at the finished result, detailed research and planning will pay off in the long run.

The acting in your scene was rather good considering, lighting obviously came in way under budget! Camera work was very good imo but the music sound track was a great choice and synced well to the action. The most important thing was that you made a film and that confirms that you are serious, it doesn’t matter if it is a success or not, your ‘intent’ was to make it happen, which is more than other people can do!  Now make the next one.

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