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6 months ago
tabha 6 months ago

Hello Mr. Deakins, 

I have a lighting question about one of the set scenes in Hail, Caesar!

How was the set itself lit? Was it just with the tungsten fresnels that are over head? It seems like in the close ups of the camera crew a softer source was brought in for the key? What is giving the overall exposure level in the scene? Is it just the fresnels bouncing light back out? 

Thank you,
Amitabh Joshi
Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

The scene was lit by what you see in shot. These were mainly 10K fresnel lamps and 2K Fresnel lamps. The period soft lights that also appear on the Green Bed were not really adding much to the overall exposure. I believe I did add some extra lights to soften the particular shot you post. I was shooting at a stop of around 4.5 as we wanted a deep focus look for the 'on camera' footage that reflected more closely the work of the period.

6 months ago

Thank you very much Mr. Deakins!

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