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Hi Roger and members, 


I am about to shoot a short film in North Louisiana. I am approaching it in a very naturalistic way. Most of my set ups are planned already and the beautiful locations we have access to are very helpful.

That being said, there is one scene I am really struggling with. In the scene, a couple in their bedroom have a discussion while the lights are on and they then get in bed and turn the lights off (in the same shot). My set up is very simple as I am just motivating my lighting using a couple of practicals in the room. However, once they turn off the lights and get in bed I am not sure how to motivate the light as I want to avoid any moonlight. I'd also like to avoid any streetlight if possible and I am just wondering if there is a way to manage to light the part where they are in bed without having a source coming from outside during the entire scene.

I thought about adding a general white soft ambient light unmotivated but even that I am afraid it will ruin my previous set up while the lights are on. 

I do have in my kit a couple of 800 HMI, Dedolights, 650's, an Arri S60, a litemat and a few 4ft Quasars. 

Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated! 






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