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12 months ago
grantbullert 12 months ago

Hey Roger,

I am still in college and I don't have a lot of money to spend on camera and lighting equipment. Do you have any good tricks to light without expensive lights, etc.? And if I do bite the bullet and buy some equipment, what would you say is the first and most important thing to buy? (I have a camera and my university has a cheap set of lights).


12 months ago
JakeJakeJake 12 months ago

Not Deakins but I have some advice! I just got out of college so I was in the same boat as you. For myself starting out I worked to use whatever I had available, even if it was just natural light or practicals like lamps sitting around the house. Learning how to shape light and the difference between bounced light or direct light, etc. Learning with what you have is I think the best way to go because there will always be some bigger and better piece of gear out there. I learned the most from the times when I didn't have the right equipment because it forced me to look at what I DID have and find a way to make it work.

A while ago Roger posted a great learning opportunity. He said to create two separate lighting setups and compositions of the same scene, but for different moods. For instance, someone sitting at a table with scissors in front of them. If you can work on creating things like that with what you have, I feel you will learn a ton and figure out what kind of equipment would best serve your storytelling process!

12 months ago

Thanks for the advice!

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