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Spacelight Layout/pattern (No replies)

Al Duffield
2 weeks ago
Al Duffield 2 weeks ago

Afternoon Sir (probably the fist time I've addressed someone like that and it been accurate!),

Thanks for taking the time to post your latest breakdown, as with all of them they're incredibly informative, inspiring and comprehensive. I particularly enjoy reading about thought you have that you pass on and the intentions behind your approach.

I haven't yet had the pleasure of working in a large studio and as such haven't experimented with spacelights yet. I'm interested in the ever increasing density of space lights as you move from centre to the edge of the space. Is this to simulate the "sky" extending past the confines of the studio?

If you'll indulge a second question, I'm curious about the motivation of the move from 1/2 to 1/4 CTB above Anna's lab. EXT.

Hopefully one day, I'll have the projects and space to experiment and see for myself, but in the meantime thanks again for sharing your insights.

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