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JinC 1 week ago

You Dear Roger 

When you shoot indoor scene like in the “Revolution Road” day light scene, except the outside straight light or 12K bounce,you always use a light for inside to be towards to the white material as key light or side light , I would love to know the light you used is HMI Joker or? I like this light feeling very well , want to practice it.

Another question, i noticed that when you deal with the indoor scene, the light outside will be a bit exposure, normally how many stops will you take ?

Thank you very much 


Roger Deakins
4 days ago
Roger Deakins 4 days ago

How much you overexpose an exterior view through a window depends on the film and the look you are after. On 'Rev. Road' I was overexposing a stop or two. Sometimes I will let an exterior go three or four stops over or I might want to balance it to the interior. It just depends!

Yes, I use 200 watt and 400 watt Jokers quite a bit if I am balancing to daylight. I also use 575 Fresnel HMIs.

4 days ago

would you now consider using for exemple a Skypanel in incident rather than a bounced joker, for wrapping up in interiors ?

Roger Deakins
3 days ago
Roger Deakins 3 days ago

I have used Skypanels on occasion but they are epexensive to rent and I also prefer the control I have with a lamp and a reflector board.

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