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Single bulbs VS the expensive stuff (1 reply)

1 month ago
tp0011 1 month ago

Hey guys.  Love the forum.  I've been wanting to shoot narrative my entire life, yet somehow got swallowed up by the commercial world.  I'm used to using all the good stuff - asteras, hmis, skypanels, etc.  Lighting for brands like Gucci and Guess requires a different approach than a narrative film I would imagine..and while I learned a lot it seems I am going to have to unlearn a lot as well.

My main question to Roger is what kind of bulbs do you have in your kit that aren't the expensive brand name stuff? And what's your thought process behind it? I see the term "single bulb" on here a lot.  What exactly is that?  I would love to start experimenting with lighting practically VS feeling the need to have all the latest, most powerful lights.  Right now I am getting comfortable using unbleached muslin and finding ways to bounce light off it without looking like there were any actual lights in the scene.

Thank you! 

Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

I use all sorts of 'single bulbs', from a standard 60 watt household bulb to a 250 watt quartz bulb to a 24K Tungsten bulb. I am not sure why you need anything different from what you use to light for Guess or Guicci, but I have no experience of commercials.

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