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Sicario "Hell in Yankee Land" Lighting (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 week ago
GianniRanzuglia 1 week ago

Hi Roger,

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and Happy New Year's Holidays. 

On Sicario, when Benicio's character enters the room with the water jug soon after crossing the border, the room was very nicely lit and yellow and it fits the story really well.

Did you work with the production designer to build the set with yellow walls to enhance the colors or was the yellow tone solely achieved with the lights? What type of practicals were used to achieve this? And lastly, did you enhance the yellows in post, or were the colors in the film straight out of the camera?

Sorry if its too many questions but thanks for your time.

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

That was a location and we liked the existing color. I used some of the existing fluorescent tubes, swapped others out and added diffusion and gel to adjust the color.

5 days ago

Thank you so much, Roger! Greatly appreciate your response!

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