Sicario - Benicio Del Toro confronts Emily Blunt lighting (2 replies)

12 months ago
Carnage12 12 months ago

Hey Roger,

I was curious about your lighting setup to achieve the soft side light on Benecio's face during one of the final scenes of Sicario (reference attached). 

Furthermore, when shooting this on set, do you remember how dark it actually was on the other side of his face- were you working with a super contrasty lighting ratio or did most of that darkness happen in the grade?

Roger Deakins
12 months ago
Roger Deakins 12 months ago

That was the lighting as it appeared on set. I don't make changes like you suggest in the DI. The soft light giving that edge to Benecio was created by as bounced Tweenie with some blue gel. The light behind him was a cool white fluorescent fixture.

Nan Li
12 months ago
Nan Li 12 months ago

Hi Mr. Deakins

Did you overexposed shot it to avoid noise in the dark area? If not, how did you avoid the noise? Any tip for us?

Thank you.


Nan Li       

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