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Hi! I know that most major films removes the glass in space helmets, due to the reflection issues. One of my next projects has three days of shooting an astronaut with a helmet, and removing the visor/glass is not an option. I understand there's no easy way to do this, some of the tips I have gotten so far is: 

  1. Bring cardboard cutouts of the location you are shooting at, and make a hole in it for the lens. 
  2. Shooting at an angle (obviously). Only problem is that a lot of dialogue is with only the helmet man, and I can't be shooting only from the sides. 

Any other tips? Lighting for close ups is also a major challenge I guess, as  reflectors/bounce will show. Im thinking about bringing a hard source and gel it warmer, so I might be able to sell it as the sun. 


Oh and, of course, a big fan of your work and it is simply amazing this forum exists 🙂


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