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5 months ago
bcortesl 5 months ago

Hello Rogers, thank you very much for creating these instances as a web page to communicate and be closer to others. It magnifies you.

I have meditated a few things I'd like to share about some questions I have read here and on the internet. Questions that are asked pursuing a "result", something like a "recipe" for scenes or situations.

On the Internet you can find these kinds of things that say "How to illuminate a car scene", "How to illuminate a scene in jail", and etc, etc.The problem is that they are teaching shortcuts of "how to do things", "how to get to results". So, What else can be done? What should be taught?
I believe that it should be taught technical tools that allow us to start a PROCESS. A process that takes us to PLACES. PLACES that we did not know existed, places that we did not know we could reach until we started working. But for that, we must work from an emptiness. A place of "DO NOT KNOW", a void; nothing of recipes or preconceptions: Resolve from the technical, creativity and freedom. But above all, freedom. Work with what we have at the moment, on the set, on the scene.

I studied drama- I am a theater actor and I travel around the world with my company. My great teacher says that the most important thing is work with freedom, then you will generate processes. The less we know, the better things will happen. And I admit that emptiness causes fear at the beginning. And I admit that emptiness causes fear at the beginning. Not knowing, it is distressing. But is the best place to create. And if you get lost, remember the technical tools, they are for that. To use it and help us to reach places. They are like stairs. No one lives on a staircase, but they take you from one place to another.
And many times they generate questions to you, and the important thing is not to answer them, but to sustain the questions.

I earn money making videos. I spend my time watching and learning from movies and books. I'm autodidactic. Now I am increasingly interested in cinematography. And here I am. Searching and learning to one day make my movie.

I wanted to ask you a question: Do you do workshops? Not to give recipes, but to share an instance with other people, to share processes and approaches in front of a script, the set, the resources. A workshop to generate learning and have feedback, etc. You do?

Greetings from Chile!
* Sorry if my English is not good.

Roger Deakins
5 months ago
Roger Deakins 5 months ago

Your English is great!

Yes, I do workshops at film schools though they are usually more a Q&A tha a practical workshop. I have been back to the NFTS a time or two. I did one in Oslo at the beginning of the year and also one in Stockholm. I'm not sure when I might do another.

Dan Keeble
5 months ago

Would love to know whenever you next do a talk in the UK. 

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