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Tom S
4 weeks ago
Tom S 4 weeks ago

I have nightmares about this shot. I was in a bedroom and the director wanted to shoot from the side. There was an overhead light on the ceiling. I brought in a litecloth (basically a 2x2 litemat) on a c-stand as a topper light with a grid and tried to prevent any spill on the wall. 

Would it have been better to place a book light behind the actress? It seems spotty and flat to me. There wasn't the option to pull the actors further away from the way. Any ideas to light profiles more dramatically would be appreciated.
simon m
4 weeks ago
simon m 4 weeks ago

Just an idea - this scene popped into my head when i read your post. I'm imagining a practical floor lamp in the corner behind the man. He'd be in silhouette, and she'd be lit by the lamp.
Rick Cook
4 weeks ago
Rick Cook 4 weeks ago

If it was possible, maybe you could have opened the window and send some light through there. Like a sodium street lamp or even some cold modern LED off-white. Inside you could contrast that tone with a practical. We have all been stuck in a corner or shot against the wall. Its hard to find these ideas in the moment.

4 weeks ago

The lady is threatening the boy so I would tend to light her more than the boy, maybe a table lamp at bed height will do the trick, play around with the lamp to strengthen
shadows but she is wearing bright red so all eyes are on her. Just try using 100 watt white defused bulb in the table lamp and see what it looks like. Have a look at the photo below where I have moved the light around, ofcourse would be more effective using real time lights.

4 weeks ago
Mike 4 weeks ago

Example for above scene.
3 weeks ago
dmullenasc 3 weeks ago

In a tiny space, sometimes the actors end up against a wall. If it looks natural for there to be a soft overhead source and it looks a bit flat because the actor is too close to the wall, it’s not the end of the world. Flatness can be graphically interesting sometimes.

5 days ago
SeanBoyd 5 days ago

For what it's worth, I actually find the OPs lighting interesting! Without knowing much about the story, I think the lighting emphasizes the tension. I find frontal lighting disconcerting, which can be used well, like in this shot. Great ideas for alternates from other users as well, though.

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