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5 months ago
JT 5 months ago
When planning a more detailed lighting of a studio set, how to come about communicating your intentions to your gaffer/electrical/rigging team. Once your lighting idea is "locked", do you do hand drawings or do just have a detail conversation with them, or do you actually use yourself any computer software to map those things out. I bet things get really complicated in bigger sets, and each set you might approach in a different way depending on the scale of it, but so I'm wondering generally how do you go about communicating. If you actually use any type of software or does your gaffer or someone else translate your drawings/instructions/vision into a software blueprint type of thing. I´ve also notice that under the looking at light, the diagrams have transitioned from drawings of the diagrams to the actual computer version of it, so it makes me wonder if, on the planning of a new set, you´ve transitioned to a computer/app version of your light planning. 
Thanks in advance! 
Roger Deakins
5 months ago
Roger Deakins 5 months ago

I used to do pretty detailed drawings but now I use a computer and overlay a set plan that comes from the art department. You might take a look at the lighting diagrams posted in the members only section.

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