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Our gear list for an indie movie (2 replies and 1 comment)

2 weeks ago
MickGrow 2 weeks ago

Put together a list of lighting and grip stuff.

Going to do all the lighting and grip ourselves, with friends, and whoever else can help for an indie film, that takes place around houses/offices, day and night, inside and out. 

Wanted to share our list of equipment and ask if we’re missing anything critical or helpful.

feel free to toss in your favorite cheap lights or modifiers you can’t live without, thanks. 


1x Arri m18

1x Joker 800 w/ Leko attachment

1x Aputure 300D2 w leko, chinaball, and 5ft octo w grid

8x titan tubes with 1x quad plate.

2x tweenies

1x mole 1k

1x godox 18’’ x 24’’ bicolor led flex

1x 750w source four with 50 degree lens

5x 250w bulbs

10x  60w bulbs

8x clear Edison bulbs

4x tungsten fixtures w/ umbrella mounts

2x Chinaballs

2x 25 ft outdoor lights

3x 3w led pinspots

1x Rosco hazer

1x 12x12 frame with white and black

1x 8x8 frame with white, black, and silk

1x 3.5 x 6 frame with black, white, silver

1x 5x3 honey comb grid + diffusion frame

2x unbleached muslin 4x4

2x black 4x4 floppies

1x silk 4x4

Various Flags, cutters

6x 1k dimmers

6x 25 ft stingers

4x 12 ft stingers

4x 50 ft stingers

1x three section combo stand

1x three section combo/boom stand

7x c-stands

5x small light stands

Lots of Sandbags

2x duck bill clamps

6x safety wires

5x multi double clips

2x kupo large gaffer grips

4x 6 inch Matthellini’s

6x  2 inch cardillinis

1x 17-inch cardilini

1x 12inch c clamp

3x socket to baby pin adapter

5x super clamps

15x various A clamps

6x pigeon plates

2x nested apple box set

25 yard roll of duvetyne

1x roll of cinefoil

1x Roll of 1/4 white diffusion

1x Roll of Brushed silk diffusion

1x roll of CTB

1x roll of CTO

2x 1sq foot gel sample pack

1x Matthews Round D Round doorway dolly

1x Honda 2200 generator



The Byre
2 weeks ago
The Byre 2 weeks ago

Halogen birdies?  Old fashioned PAR cans?  Loads of gels?

2 weeks ago

You have been busy. How are you going to fit this lot in your ‘Reliant van’.

2 weeks ago
Peter.Sz 2 weeks ago

that's pretty good list, I like have large black material and white sheets / muslin, I find them very useful, just neg entire side of a room, means less lights to use too or throw a large sheet of white or muslin for bounce but you have plenty there..I've mostly shot on a lot less 

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