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Now the new website is here how about the notion of a lighting challenge? (5 replies)

7 years ago
Almax 7 years ago

A while ago there was a thread where Roger suggested that Forum member should grab some gels and lights and spend a couple of days playing around to learn what is possible. I thought that was excellent advice. There was also a request for ideas for a new updated website. I was thinking Roger might like to set up loose lighting challenges where we use a modicum of gear to light interior portraits. Equipment that a wide range of members might be able to access. Any takers?

7 years ago
James 7 years ago

That sounds like fun! And I could set up a page to publish the final products. I just mentioned it to Roger and he liked the idea. 

What does everyone else think?

Connor Ryan
7 years ago
Connor Ryan 7 years ago

Sounds like a great idea! It gives members of the forum the opportunity to learn hands on in a constructive environment.

simon m
7 years ago
simon m 7 years ago

Great idea. I love it. Some of us(me!) will be equipment challenged, but will use what we have.

Daniel Keeble
7 years ago
Daniel Keeble 7 years ago

love a good challenge

7 years ago
johandijkstra 7 years ago

Nice one! Count me in 😉

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