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No Country for Old Men: RIP OFF (1 reply)

2 months ago
Danieltuben 2 months ago


In my school we hade an assignment to "Rip-OFF" a scene from any kind of movie. We ripped off No Country for Old Men. We had one day to build in the studio and two days to shoot the scene. We took the shootout scene from the hotel.

Here is the result:»

The video will first show our RIP OFF version of No Country for Old Men - Then followed up with a side by side comparison with the original, skip ahead to 2:42 to see the side by side comparison!

Tell me what you think about the results and lighting.


Daniel Tubylewicz


2 months ago
Frank 2 months ago

I get the value of studying in-depth how things were done, but not an assignment that tasks a learner with trying to exactly copy something.

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