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2 weeks ago
StephanieCA 2 weeks ago

Dear Roger,

I'm writing about moonlight in film and I was wondering if you knew any films that use natural moonlight other than the revenant and also when using moonlight what emotion are you trying to evoke as a cinematographer.

Hope you are having a lovely day,

Stephanie CA

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

Did the 'Revenant' actually shoot under moonlight? I know there were a couple of landscape shots that were done at dusk with the moon but were any made at night? I have seen footage shot under moonlight but it has usually been time lapse or of a specialist nature. Cameras, some cameras at least, do have the speed to shoot quite a decent image with just the light of a full moon but I can't think of a scene shot entirely that way.

Viola Lawrence
1 week ago
Viola Lawrence 1 week ago

This was shot only by moon light.»

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