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Wiki-Quote - It stands for "motor only sync" or "motor only shot". Additionally, the term has been understood to stand for "mit out sound".


Remember the phrase "Bring on the empty horses!" by Mike Curtiz (bring on the horses without riders). Phrases in your native language get translated word for word into something else.

Anybody who has raised a child (in German) will know that in baby-talk many kids don't say 'ohne' (without) but 'mit-ohne' (with-without). It makes brilliant sense to a child's mind, as the words 'with' and 'without' fulfill different grammatical functions.

Except that the Engish word 'without' is literally 'mit-ohne'. In English, there is no word for 'ohne'. It has been built from 'with' and from 'out'. In Scottish English, we say 'out-with' and that is totally acceptable.

"He got off his horse." in English English - is very often "He got off of his horse." in American English. In many German dialects "Er stieg von seinem Pferd." is "Er stieg ab von seinem Pferd." The words 'ab' and 'von' translate to 'off' and 'of'.

Similarly, the word 'outside' is seldom seen as two words put together - but it is! 'Inside' - the same thing applies! 'Side' = position.

MOS is just 'Mit-Ohne-Sprache'! (With-Out-Voice)


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