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Quote " I thought it was a medical condition in the region of ‘where the sun doesn’t shine’! Sounds painful. My neighbour is German, I will try it out on her. If I get a black eye, I will blame it on you!"

A definite LOL there!

It comes from the Latin for cock and during carnival parades, the Kukalori are people parading dressed as chicken and doing silly things. As most of them will be drunk, doing this is not exactly a challenge!

American English is full of German words, some came via Yiddish and some were just because so many people spoke German. Not just the obvious ones like Mensch, quetsch and schlepp. Critter is one such word. In German, the word Köter means a street mongrel, i.e. a dog that lives on the street. You can see how Germans would use that word for the thousands of dogs that ran around NY at the turn of the century and before and this was heard by English speakers and they anglicised it. It soon was applied to any unwanted animal.

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