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Low density blue sky light (1 reply)

3 weeks ago
GongZhikun 3 weeks ago

Dear Roger and forum members!
I saw a lot of evening scenes in Sicario.
They are so beautiful, of course, I have seen them in many of your films.
Here are some pictures. I would like to ask how to control the shooting of this image in the early stage. Is it related to the white balance of the camera? I believe that light is pure natural light, right?
They look so blue, how can I shoot this effect with my camera?
How to handle it with DI. Thank you very much.微信截图_20191119221814.png微信截图_20191119221736.png微信截图_20191119221715.png
Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

I work the same way now as I did when I was shooting on film. The posted images were shot with the camera set to between 3200 and 4000K, which is the equivalent to shooting with a tungsten balanced stock, perhaps with an 81EF filter. They were all shot under natural light and there was little adjustment made in the DI.

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