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11 months ago
JH 11 months ago

Hi Roger - 

Thanks for the Looking at Lighting/July post - those are always fascinating insights as to how you approach scenes!  

In the lighting scheme for the ship's hold - did I read the diagram correctly to say the light from the joker was only entering the hold after hitting the bounce, and that none of it was entering the hold directly?


Roger Deakins
11 months ago
Roger Deakins 11 months ago

The light was going through a small diffusion and not bounced. I had originally thought to bounce the light but I wanted some movement in the light. The space I had in which to work was very limited so I opted to go direct and put the light on a small track.

10 months ago
CameraChris 10 months ago

Dear Roger,

got some rather technical questions on your lighting diagram:

  1. Do you remember the dimensions of the room where the restaurant was shot (especially the longer side of the room)?
  2. And also what dimensions the UB had?
  3. Were butterfly frames rigged or was it a sort of 'customized' construction only using the fabric?
  4. Was the UB rigged to a scaffolding or on scissor lifts?
  5. Do you have some fotos showing the rig?
  6. Do you remember more or less how many sparks were working on this setup and how much preptime they had?

Thanks a lot!

Roger Deakins
10 months ago
Roger Deakins 10 months ago

We built that set into an existing space. I believe the room was something like 80' long as I had 4 - 20' x 20' diffusions in a row outside the windows.

20' x 20' rigged on frames and set on Scissor lifts.

I don't have photos, no. I never really take photos of rigs as they always look so confused!!! I imagine these pristine symmetrical rigs but when you actually come to set things up chaos intrudes!

I had a rigging crew of 4 or 5 who prepped the work but the shooting crew put the frames in place. They had to do it on the morning as we only had a road closure after 9.0 am and we shot another scene beforehand. We had 7 electricians on the regular shooting crew but took on extra for specific scenes.

10 months ago
johandijkstra 10 months ago

James, could it be that the July page isn't visible anymore?

Connor Ryan
10 months ago

The link has been missing from the website, but it's accessible through changing the name of the month in the other looking at lighting links.»

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