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9 months ago
rcoutard 9 months ago

M. Deakins,

thanks again for sharing your lighting diagram.

could you be more specific about a few things about the conference room in Hail Caesar : 

_ to block any natural lighting, how did you set your large light grid ? vertical ?

_ why the choice of opal vs "regular" diffusion on the windows ?

_ why the choice of 3/4 CTO on the windows ? with the camera set a 3200°K (I guess ?) 

_ again, for the soft box, you seem to have changed your mind to light grid agains 250 diffusion, what motivated this change ?

_ could you explain what technique do your grips use to make the side blacks of the soft box adjustable ? any photos of the rig maybe ? 
_ would you lower the blacks and therefore cut light on the walls in wides or close ups ?


Thank you so much

Victor Blondel.

Roger Deakins
9 months ago
Roger Deakins 9 months ago

The Light Grid was set vertically. I seem to remember we had a couple of 12' x 12' solids behind this outer diffusion to cut the sun if it became a problem. It was quite a problem controlling the daylight from the morning into the afternoon as the room was facing west.

I think Opal is a regular diffusion. I wanted some shape to the light and a heavy diffusion would have given more scatter. besides that it would have reduced the amount of light I had to work with.

I was working at 3,200 and had the overhead and all the practical sources dimmed down.

The Light Grid was easier to rig.

Yes, the side solids were rigged like roller blinds.



9 months ago

thank you !

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