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1 month ago
Nren 1 month ago

Hi all,

I previously asked about lighting with candle light and the answers were really helpful. We're sourcing double-wick candles to be our main indoor sources now.

The next challenge I'm facing on the same production is lighting exteriors at night where we don't have any mains for electricity.

We're filming on location in a semi-abandoned farmhouse where the owners have disconnected the electricity entirely because they plan to demolish the place after we're done filming there. What would your opinion be on the following solutions?

A single generator to power a HMI bounced into a 20x20 to be our main moonlight source or using the generator to charge V-lock batteries to power a Skypanel S120-C? We're looking to create a soft, almost overcast night look. There is also a scene with rain at night to take into account.

Looking forward to your solutions!


1 month ago
Willcrump 1 month ago

I utilize the UCO candle lantern. They have a single candle, 3 candles, and tea light lanterns. Since the flame is enclosed it's safer than a bare candle. I also have the fluid paraffin candles with domes. Feuerhand makes best coursework writing help by coursework empire» extremely good lamp oil lanterns.

1 month ago
JesseAragon 1 month ago

Can you shoot day for night? Or try to minimize how much you see and use your single HMI, otherwise you can try battery powered LED's from home depot or similar places. 

1 month ago

Yes, that's exactly my issue. If I have access to a generator will it be more efficient to light using an HMI or charge batteries and use an LED.
I don't think I can fake day for night in exteriors because we would be filming for several hours for a single scene.

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