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7 months ago
Bala 7 months ago


Would like to.know the lighting set up for the sequence from the film JARHEAD.

Sir, there are two setups in that sequence .did you set up light for the two set ups separately or achieved by little adjustment (like panning light or switch on or off some lights).

If you remember sir...can u explain the kind of lamps and numbers used and  rigs .

(Sorry for the inferior quality.of the attachment file)

Thank u sir
Roger Deakins
7 months ago
Roger Deakins 7 months ago

We picked an area of sand dunes with a road running through so that we could move our lighting rig around quite quickly. There were three flat bed trailers with a series of 8 or 10 Maxi Brutes on each. The lamps were gelled using a large offset frame of 1/2 CTO and the lights were cabled back to a dimmer system, which generated the flicker. Once we had shot in one situation we moved the trailers using a tractor.

7 months ago

Thank you so much sir

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